Skin whitening treatment cost in delhi

Skin lightening or skin whitening is a cosmetic procedure which aims at achieving a lighter skin tone or whitening dark complexion by reducing melanin pigmentation in the skin.
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Skin whitening treatment cost in delhi

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Skin whitening also known as skin bleaching or lightening of the skin is the process of lightening the skin tone by reducing the concentration of melanin.It is all about making your skin look younger and more presentable in appearance. The human skin color is one of the most noticeable and eye catching aspect of the individual. Skin color is determined by the amount and type of melanin produced in melanosomes and the pattern of melano some distributed in the melanocytes within the body.

Lighter tone is a dream of every woman/man who appreciates beautiful looks and appearance. In most cases statistics, has shown that people both men and women are mostly attracted to those with lighter complexion. It defines you as a person and makes you look beautiful inside-out. At New Look Laser Clinic our aim is to bring out your natural beauty and the real wonderful person you are through skin whitening.

The cost of Skin whitening treatment is dependent upon the type of skin shade. In general, It varies from Rs 8000 to Rs 15000 Per Sitting depending upon factors.

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